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January 2023 Meeting Summary

Meeting Date: January 25, 2023

Venue: Virtual Meeting

Attendance: 33 Participants

Welcome attendees

President Keoni Wasano welcomed the attendees and started the meeting.

Committee Chair Introductions

  • Legislative Co-Chair – Jefferson Young
  • Technical Committee Chair – Yifeng Mao
  • OMPO Representative – Robert Nehmad
  • HCES Co-Chair – Warren Yamamoto/Joel Thomas
  • Student Chapter Co-Liaison – Chayson Dulatre/Joshua Ramelb

National/District updates

International Director Cathy Leong reminded everyone that the upcoming Western District Meeting is scheduled to be in-person and held in Portland, OR on August 13-16, 2023.  Cathy also announced that the International Virtual Student Leadership Summit is scheduled for February 24-26, 2023. Cathy then encouraged members to submit local projects for the Transportation Project of the Year award. The Western District panel will select a winner for each category; Complete Streets, Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO), Safety, Planning, and Traffic Engineering. In addition, one of the five selected projects will be awarded the Western Districts Transportation Project of the Year award. Links for all these events are provided below.


Cathy Leong introduced the guest speaker, Randy McCourt, a now retired traffic engineer in Oregon for his presentation on the updated ITE “Guide for Vertical Deflection Speed Reduction and Other Related Measures: A Recommended Practice”. Randy’s presentation provided an overview and key highlights of this guide.

Randy’s presentation is available here.

Closing and Next Meeting

Keoni thanked the speaker and announced that there will not be a virtual meeting for February but we’re encouraging all ITE members to attend/participate in this month’s events.  The first event will be the ITE Student Chapters Virtual Resume Workshop on Thursday, February 16 from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM and/or Friday, February 17 from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM.  The second event is the Engineer’s Week Outreach event on Monday, February 20 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at the Windward Mall Center Court.  Information to be provided in an email update.

Upcoming Event Links

2023 ITE Western Districts Annual Meeting:
International Virtual Student Leadership Summit:
Western District Project of the Year:
ITE Technical Conference: Innovative Intersections and Streets, March 14-15, 2023:

April 2022 Meeting Summary

Meeting Date: April 20, 2022

Venue: Virtual Meeting

Attendance: 30 participants

Welcome attendees

Vice President Keoni Wasano welcomed the attendees and started the meeting.

Committee Chair Updates

Legislative Committee – Co-Chair Jefferson Young gave an update on two bills:

  1. House bill 2336 – red light imaging detection.  Gone through House and Senate and is headed to the conference committee to reconcile differences
  2. House bill 3274 – HDOT to increase funding for ped and bike infrastructure.  Made through Senate and stalled after the first reading of the House.

Technical Committee – Chair Yifeng Mao helped the Western District technical committee review submissions for the Large section Activity Awards and the International Outstanding Section Awards.

National/District updates

Section Administrator Cathy Leong previewed several upcoming events.

  • 2nd AnnualTransportation Solutions Event – focus on multi-modal sensors and detection.  ITE Hawaii section is partnering with six vendors to present new technologies and case study applications. The event will be held on May 18 from 3 to 5 pm.  Registration is currently open.  Tickets are free to all ITE members and agency staff.
  • Palm Spring Western District Annual Meeting, June 26-29, 2022
    1. The ITE Western District is partnering with CalTrans
    2. Four technical tracks including student and young professional programming
    3. The conference includes networking and social events
    4. Registration is open, but rates will go up on May 1

Western District Secretary-Treasurer

Keoni introduced the two candidates for the Western District Secretary-Treasurer position: Patrick Marnell and Jared Travis.  These candidates described their vision for the District and priorities if elected.  Both candidates encouraged members to vote.  More information about each of the candidates can be found on the ITE Western District website:


Keoni introduced Kathleen Rooney, Ulupono Initiative’s Director of Transportation Policy and Programs.  Kathleen is leading the impact investing firm’s efforts in the advancement of a people-centric, carbon-free, and equity-enhancing transportation systems in Hawai‘i, and was recognized as one of Women’s Transportation Seminar’s 2021 Women on the Move.  Rooney was recently featured in a new book, titled Women Driven Mobility: Rethinking the Way the World Moves, which explores women “leading the way in mobility and automotive innovation.” 

Kathleen gave a presentation on Hawaii’s current ground transportation system and asked members whether it was truly serving the needs of our communities and helping to shape a sustainable, resilient future for the Islands.  Kathleen presented several of Ulupono Initiative’s current and recent projects.  She also described what she believed were key drivers for changing transportation in Hawaii and challenged the audience to re-think and re-evaluate current transportation investment decisions through that new lens.

Kathleen’s presentation is available here.

Closing and Next Meeting

Keoni thanked the speaker and reminded those in attendance about the May Technical Solutions event.  He thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting.  

February 2022 Meeting Summary

Meeting Date: February 23, 2022

Venue: Virtual Meeting 


President Jasmine Teramae-Kaehuaea started the meeting and welcomed attendees.

Committee Chair updates

  • UH Student Chapter Welcome Back Showcase & Virtual Resume Workshop – Student Chapter Professional Liaison Michelle Agustin gave a summary of the student events.
  • Legislative Committee Report – Co-Chair Wayne Yoshioka gave an update on some of the bills that he’s tracking and encouraged members to let him know which bills are important to them.
    • SB2299- Relating to Traffic – changes the traffic code to allow a bicyclist to proceed through an intersection from a right-turn only lane if they cannot safely merge into the through traffic lane. This bill was passed by TRS, passed the 2nd reading, and has been referred to JDC.
    • SB3274- Relating to Transportation – This bill appropriates expenditures for ped and bike infrastructure projects and includes funding for 2 FTE grant writer positions in HDOT to access IIJA funds.  Passed by TRS, passed 2nd reading, referred to WAM, passed by WAM.
    • SB2832- Relating to Transportation – This bill would establish a collective bargaining unit for graduate assistants employed by UH.  Passed 1st reading, referred to LCA/HRE, WAM – no action.
    • SB2517- Relating to Bicycle Commuting – This bill would establish a goal for HDOT to have an unspecified percentage of commuting trips be by bicycle or e-bike by 2030.  Passed 1st reading, referred to TRS, TRS deferred the measure.
    • SB3255- Relating to Highways –This bill relates to Waianae Coast Traffic Improvements. Passed by TRS, passed 2nd reading, referred to WAM
  • HCES Engineers week event at Windward Mall – Co-Chair Joel Thomas gave an update regarding the event.

National/District updates

Vice President Keoni Wasano and Section Administrator Cathy Leong gave a preview of upcoming national and district events including the following.

  • MiteY Mentorship Event – March 9th
  • ITE Western District Virtual Spring Webinar on Emotional Intelligence and Leadership – March 10th
  • ITE’s Virtual Spring Conference: Innovations that Work – March 15-16
  • Technical Solutions Event – May


Keoni introduced co-presenters Lauren Armstrong – Executive Director, Maui MPO – and Pam Eaton – Planning Program Administrator, County of Maui. 

Lauren and Pam presented the current status of the Ka’ahumanu Avenue Community Corridor Master Plan, which looks at opportunities for transit-oriented development within a half-mile buffer of Kaahumanu Avenue — an important corridor on Maui with numerous destinations and employment centers.  The vision for the project is to create a “community corridor” that makes it easy for people to take the bus, walk, bike, and roll. The Master Plan included a land-use assessment, demographic and travel analysis, mobility system assessment, water and utility systems, market analysis, and affordable housing assessment. Their presentation is available here.


Jasmine thanked the speakers and informed everyone that the March meeting would be postponed.  Instead, she encouraged members to attend the District ITE events in March.  Jasmine thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting.  

January 2022 Meeting Highlights

Meeting Date: January 26, 2022

Venue: Virtual Meeting (District Zoom Account)

Attendance: ITE members: 30, Non-members: 2

New Officer Introductions

President Jasmine Teramae-Kaehuaea introduced new ITE Hawaii Section Officers: Vice President/Section Rep Keoni Wasano, Secretary-Treasurer Mike Motoki, and Director Kelly Akasaki.  

Committee Chair Introductions

Jasmine then introduced the Section Committee Chairs. Legislative Co-chairs Wayne Yoshioka and Jefferson Young introduced themselves and asked members to email them priority issues/bills that they should be closely tracking.  Joel Thomas and Warren Yamamoto introduced themselves as the Section’s HCES co-representatives.  Robert Nehmad, the OahuMPO representative, encouraged members to submit comments on CAC proposals.

Student Chapter Updates

Student Chapter Professional Liaison Michelle Agustin gave an update highlighting the 2022 Student Data Collection Award for STEM Outreach.  The Student Chapter proposed developing a hands-on STEM outreach activity supporting Vision Zero, which emphasizes how roadway design influences user safety.  Our Student Chapter was one of four submissions to be awarded $1000.  

Michelle informed the section of the upcoming UH Club Fair on February 4, 2022, and asked if any professionals would like to help man the ITE booth. Michelle also mentioned that the Student Chapter will be hosting an ITE Resume Review on Wednesday, February 16, 2022, from 5:00 pm-6:30 pm.  Details were emailed to members. Let Michelle, Jonah Lorica, or Abdul Alghamdi know if you’re interested in participating as a reviewer.

National/District Updates

International Director Cathy Leong gave an update on the Mid-Year Board Meeting which was held on January 21st and included the nomination of candidates for the 2023 District Officers.  

Cathy encouraged members to attend the 2022 ITE Western District Annual Meeting, which is scheduled for June 26-29, 2022 in Palm Springs at the Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel & Palm Springs Convention Center.  The District is partnering with CalTrans for several of the technical sessions.  Go to the website for more information.  Finally, Cathy noted that ballots for International Elections will be sent on February 9th with polls closing on March 11th.


Vice President Keoni introduced Chris Clark, Chief Planner with the City & County of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services.  Chris presented the City’s Right-of-Way Widths for Planned Street Improvements Plan.  The purpose of this effort is to create a publicly and easily accessible plan to communicate the City’s priorities for allocating City-owned ROW to various transportation modes.  Chris described the approach to the project, which compared future transportation needs, and prioritized modes while being constrained to existing ROW.  He demonstrated the Interactive Modal Map, and reviewed the project landing page (storymap).  Additional resources are linked below:

Next Meeting

Jasmine previewed the next meeting and events.  On February 23rd, Lauren Armstrong, Maui MPO, and Pam Eaton, County of Maui Planning will present an overview of the Ka’ahumanu Avenue Community Corridor Master Plan.  The March meeting will be replaced with a Technical Tour of the Oahu Transit Services electric bus charging facilities.  Finally, May 18th is Industry Day.

October 2021 Meeting Highlights

A virtual section meeting was held on Wednesday, October 27, 2021. President Kelly Akasaki welcomed everyone to the meeting. ITE Western District International Director Cathy Leong reminded attendees that the ITE Joint Western District Sections Fall Technical Webinar Series titled, “What You Knew is Changing” is halfway through and that registration for the last two sessions is still open. Cathy also announced the new ITE Western District mentorship program which was created to support young members from ages 35 years and under. Links to all Western District events are provided below.

Vice President Jasmine Teramae-Kaehuaea introduced the guest speakers, Nicola Hedge, Deputy Director, and Alex Yee, Coastal and Water Program Manager, from the Office of Climate Change, Sustainability and Resiliency. Nicola’s presentation focused on the plans, policy, and goals of their department. She discussed transportation emissions which has been a key factor in their climate action and resilience plan and their continued focus on supporting a successful multi-modal system. She also talked about the King St. bus lane pilot project and how electric busses, complete streets projects, and electric vehicles will support their efforts. Alex’s presentation focused on their climate adaptation strategy which lists 5 primary hazards; sea level rise and coastal erosion, increase in temperature, significant rain events, decrease in precipitation, and hurricanes. He also talked about the Climate Ready Oahu Web Explorer which provides location-based data regarding a variety of climate change stressors and how the city uses such information for planning, design and long-term operations. Their presentation is available through the ITE Hawaii Section website .

After their presentation, Cathy announced the new Hawaii Section officers for the 2022 year. Cathy swore in the new officers, Jasmine Teramae-Kaehuaea (President), and Keoni Wasano (Vice President), Mike Motoki (Secretary-Treasurer).

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, to celebrate STEM Day, we will be supporting high school students through a pre-recorded technical tour about traffic signals. The next section meeting will be held early next year.

We would also like to congratulate Kelly Akasaki who was recognized as the City’s Department of Transportation Services employee of the year for her exceptional service! Her dedication and strong engineering background gifted Honolulu with new traffic safety modifications, bicycle and pedestrian upgrades, and improvements to roadways.

ITE Joint Western District Sections
Fall Technical Webinar Series – What You Knew is Changing

MiteY Mentorship Program

Register today to join the program as a mentor or someone seeking mentorship (mentee).

ITE Western District Annual Meeting 2022

The annual meeting will be held June 26-29, 2022 at the Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel and Palm Springs Convention Center. Full registration rates and information about the hotel have been posted to the website.