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Dec 29

January 2019 Wiliki

The January 2019 edition of the Wiliki can be found here.

Dec 13

November 2018 Meeting Highlights

President Claire Fukuoka opened the meeting by initiating introductions from everyone.  After the introductions, Western District International Director Elect Cathy Leong shared some announcements.  She encouraged other members to consider attending the upcoming Western district annual meeting to be held in Monterey, California in June 2019.  In addition, Cathy also provided new updates on ITE …

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Oct 30

November 2018 Wiliki

The November 2018 Wiliki can be found here

Oct 30

October 2018 Meeting Highlights

Claire opened the meeting by initiating introductions from everyone in the group. Cristina then introduced the speaker Kiana, who is a transportation planner at OahuMPO. She started the meeting by giving an overview of what OahuMPO does and the purpose of this organization. She went on to explain what “pricing solutions” are and how they …

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Oct 01

October 2018 Wiliki

The October 2018 Wiliki may be viewed here

Sep 06

August 2018 Meeting Highlights

Western District International Director Elect and Western District Task Force member Cathy Leong presented on the ITE International’s One ITE Initiative.  Cathy outlined the goals of the ITE One Initiative which are to deliver a consistent member experience, to provide effective member support, and to ensure the long-term viability of ITE.  The missions and purposes …

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Sep 06

September 2018 Wiliki

The September 2018 Wiliki can be found here.

Aug 01

August 2018 Wiliki

The August 2018 Wiliki can be found here

Jul 09

July 2018 Wiliki

The July 2018 Wiliki can be found  here

May 29

June 2018 Wiliki

The June 2018 Wiliki can be found here.